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We had great feedback for our digital mental health and wellness programs. Because of funding from the Canadian Red Cross we were able to serve our community with valuable resources and programming that supported not only their recovery but their mental health.

Here is what our members had to say:

Moms in Recovery

Feedback from the Wellness Recovery Action Plan Program:

Monica and Kristine make a good team. Monica is very gentle displays good boundaries and appears to know herself well. I get good ideas as to how I can reframe what I think about myself, my habits, my relationships into better self-care.

Feedback from the Trauma-Informed Parenting Program:

Andrea Landry was fantastic at helping with trauma-informed parenting and interpersonal relationships

Feedback about our program facilitators:

"Thank You SO much for your time and service to Mothers Recovery Society. I learned something unique and exceptional from each and every one of you!"

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