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Dads in Recovery


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Our dads community is expanding, and we're seeking your support to make it even stronger. If you're a dad in recovery searching for connections with fellow fathers on the same journey, we invite you to become a registered member. Your participation will play a vital role in amplifying our organization's impact. Join us today and help us build a more powerful community together.


Dads Recovery Community provides a safe and supportive online community for dads in recovery in Canada.

We are a New Westminster based non-profit organization that provides peer-support, resources, and tools to help dads succeed in their recovery journeys.

We also host online meetings and community events to help dads connect with each other and continue to grow and learn.
Dads in Recovery


Dads in Recovery


One thing I wanted more than anything in my life was to be there for my boys, and be a good dad for them. It wasn’t happening for me and especially or them while I was loaded. Recovery, specifically the 12 steps and a support group of fathers taught me a new way to live. I was asked to share my story by the Dad’s Recovery Society, an opportunity to give back to a growing community of men who want to learn to be good…actually no…great Dads. Thanks Nathan Nichols for the work you’ve done for me and the recovery community! After all, sharing really is caring 🙏♥️🙏♥️

Dads in Recovery


Being a part of this community has allowed me to understand relatable problems as a father in recovery and the Comfort to know that other people are going through what I am allows me to keep my head high try to be the best dad that I can.

Dads in Recovery


My name is Brandon and I am a Dad in Recovery. Through working and living the 12 steps, by attending the Dad's in Recovery meeting weekly, amongst other AA/NA meetings, I can say I love myself for who I am. Which in turn, love my family the way they deserve. My kids can count on me, My partner can rely on me, and hearing the messages from other Dad's I have hope and trust in my higher power that life keeps getting better and brighter. Thank you Dad's in Recovery Society.

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