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Our partnership with the Candian Red Cross made it possible for our society to offer several programs supporting relapse prevention and building recovery capital. Check out our past programs.


"These programs are so important to help Mother's like myself who are on this healing path to prevent relapse and mental health issues from getting out of control."


"They have helped change my life and I am so grateful for their time and wisdom."

Indigenous Relapse Prevention


"Since taking part in the programs offered, I feel like the Foundation of my Recovery is continuously getting stronger. And in turn, so am I Mentally, and Emotionally. What a blessing!"

Relapse Prevention From An Indigenous Perspective 

Avis O’Brien 


This 6 week series will offer education about the traumatic events & policies

that have contributed to addiction and mental

health challenges for Indigenous women, while

offering relapse prevention strategies rooted in

Indigenous land based healing modalities. We will explore how positive connections to

identity, land, culture and community serve as

strong foundations for relapse prevention.Trauma informed yoga and mindfulness practices will be offered during each session.



1.Learn about Indigenous land based forms of healing as

relapse prevention strategies.

2.Develop a positive connection to our

Indigenous Identity.

3. Deepen our ability to act as an Ally to Sacred

Indigenous Teachings.

4. Strengthen our recovery through yoga & mindfulness

movement practices


Mother’s Recovery Society & Red Cross Canada are proud to present a six-week program for mothers in recovery experiencing grief and loss. 
Lee Ann Olson 
First Nations | Counsellor | Healer


This program is for mothers in recovery who are experiencing grief and loss due to: 

• COVID-19
• Death ( incl overdose) 
• Family Separation  
• Other

“The program I am attending at mothers in Recovery tribe is the grief and loss relapse prevention this program has allowed me to connect with other people going through grief and loss in recovery like me it has taught me skills outside of my comfort zones and insight from others on how they coped and has given me hope and I am forever thankful for the support and information that I have gained at the Recovery capital the connection in the meetings and the support from the women in the program this group of women mothers in Recovery tribe has inspired me to be present in my recovery and healing myself and for that I am so thankful!” —Dawn T.

Greif Support in Recovery
Relapse Prevention


"These programs are so important to help Mother's like myself who are on this healing path to prevent relapse and mental health issues from getting out of control."

What is Recovery Capital? 
The volume of internal and external assets that can be brought to bear to initiate and sustain recovery from alcohol and other drug problems. Recovery capital, or recovery capacity, differs from individual to individual and differs within the same individual at multiple points in time. Recovery capital also interacts with problem severity to shape the intensity and duration of supports needed to achieve recovery. This interaction dictates the intensity or level of care one needs in terms of professional treatment and the intensity and duration of post-treatment recovery support services.

Linda Lane Devlin of Interventions On Demand will break down these concepts into simple solutions that we can implement in our recovery. 


This program will be facilitated by Linda Lane-Devlin Addiction Specialist, Certified Counsellor, Interventionist, CIP, I.C.A.D.C. and C.C.C.S. of Interventions on Demand with special guests Jessica Cooksey MA ICADC, Operations Manager, Last Door Recovery Society.

This program is for you if you want to: 
Feel inspired. 
Feel empowered. 
Feel educated. 
Learn new things. 
Think new thoughts. 
Meet new friends. 
Create an action plan. 


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