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Tamara's Story of Recovery

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Hi, my name is Tamara and I am a mother in recovery.

I am proud to be a mother in recovery, but I can tell you I did not always feel this way. As a woman and as a mother I believe there is a whole other level of shame. A much deeper one that kept me personally from seeking help for a long time. I was ashamed that I was a single mother, I was ashamed that I could not provide a safe loving environment for my son and most of all I was ashamed that using drugs had become my priority.

The other piece that kept me trapped was fear. I knew that I was dying and that I needed to seek help, but I had the fear that people would judge me because why wouldn’t the love for my child just be enough for me to stop? I had the fear of disappointing my family again, and my biggest fear was being separated from my son and having him taken away.

Making the decision to seek help has been the most rewarding experience for both my son and I though it has had many challenges. Getting clean is a huge life change. Working on your recovery and starting the healing process while also trying to parent is anything but easy and support is essential.

Coming to Family Recovery Society I knew I had finally found a place where there is no judgment, no shame, no fear. Only a group of mothers on their own individual paths of recovery who come together and share their experiences. The connections I have made through MRT have given me a sense of security that I can get through anything and that I will not be alone.

FRS has provided me with suggestions, local recourses, friendships, encouragement and an abundance of love. Participating in weekly meetings and workshops has allowed me to connect with other moms, to be open, to learn, to be enlightened and to heal.

Today I get to be the Mother I had always hoped I could be and one of my biggest desires is to help mothers who may feel like I did at one time. Mothers who might think that they are alone or who are too frightened to seek help. My hope is that together we can let go of past shame and guilt and be proud that we are moms in recovery.

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