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Mallory's Story of Recovery

My name is Mallory and I’m loving mother in recovery.

As a mother I struggle to find my path to sobriety, fighting the disease of addiction with the fear I would be leaving everything I knew and the “safety” of my chaos. If I wanted a chance at life and a chance to be present for my daughters it was my only option left.

Today I’m grateful to say I am 18 months sober in a week and a half. It was not a smooth surrender, relapse is a big part of my story, but I continued to fight.

I have my youngest daughter with me full-time and no longer have any involvement with children services. I pray for a relationship with my oldest daughter and have excepted life on life‘s terms as she lives across the country. One day at a time. I’m never alone, I have family because I have the Mothers Recovery Tribe and the love support guidance and spirits of all the women in the tribe. I wouldn’t be here where I am today without them all. I no longer live in chaos I live in serenity and full of hope.

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